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Skinny Margarita

4 May

Like many other holidays with which I have no personal affiliation, I love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. And by celebrate, I mean planning elaborate, home-made ethnic meals and then getting too tired to make them, requiring me to run out and pick up some take out that loosely relates to the holiday.  And because it happens so regularly, it is pretty much a set-in-stone tradition.

This year, we’re mixing it up from the usual six-pack of tacos and picking up a Taco Grande Pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  We tried it, and dude, it tastes exactly like a taco.  Martin preferred it as a cold leftover for breakfast, and then again later as a cold leftover for lunch and dinner.  The guy liked it cold, what can I say.

Whether you are picking up take out or whipping up a batch of homemade tortillas on which to serve the pulled pork and pico you made this afternoon (please invite me over), I would highly recommend making a batch of these.

Skinny Margaritas

Margaritas always sound like such a good idea until you’ve consumed two, have a stomach ache, and realize you’ve just consumed about 1,500 calories.  And that doesn’t even count the chips and guac that you may or may not have eaten while knocking back the margaritas.  This recipe cuts WAY back on the calories, is light and refreshing, and does not require pulling out the blender (although you certainly could).


Skinny Margarita
Serving size: 5.5 oz.
Serves: 2


3 oz. tequila
0.11 oz packet sugar-free lime margarita drink mix
8 oz. club soda
2 lime slices

Combine  tequila and lime margarita drink mix.  Add club soda and stir.  Divide between two glasses filled with ice.  Add a slice of lime to each, and serve.

Estimated calories:  111 cal/serving

Print it: Skinny Margarita

– There might be many brands of lime margarita drink mix, I picked mine up at Target.

Cocktail Cards! or, Everybody Loves a Giveaway.

5 Jul

To celebrate the launch of the new CalamityJennie site, we’re having our first ever GIVEAWAY!  And it can be yours for the very low price of FREE.

Introducing: Cocktail Cards

Nothing says “I’m sophisticated” like a “Signature Cocktail”.  Think outside of the box of wine or can of beer and step into sophistication with a Signature Cocktail.  Beyond the traditional and standard order, Cocktail Cards provide you with a drink idea that is tailored to the season.  This set includes two Signature Cocktail Cards that are perfect for the Summer Season – Bourbon Slush (Summer 2010) and Tequila and Tonic (Summer 2011).  You don’t need to decide which is right for you, because you’ll get both!  Sized just like a baseball card, each card features a glamour shot of the cocktail, with all of the stats and figures printed on the back.  Each card is placed in a protective sleeve that should help you from ruining it the first time you accidentally use it as a coaster (Side note: not safe to use as a coaster, even in the sleeve).

Cocktail Cards FAQ’s
Q: I don’t get it.  What are you talking about?
A: You’ve never heard of drink recipes printed in a handy baseball card size, that are suitable for trading, even though no one else has any for which you could actually trade?  Huh.

Q: Will you just send me the drinks instead of the cards?
A: No, I will not.  The ice would never hold up.

Q: What if I don’t like the drinks?
A:  Ha ha, that’s funny.

Want your very own limited edition* set of Cocktail Cards?  Email your name and mailing address to: jennie@calamityjennie.com

With your contact info in hand, I promise the following:
1. I will not sell or distribute your name on any sort of black market mailing list subscription service, no matter what they offer me to do so.  Unless it is super good, in which case I’ll at least think about it before declining.
2. I will not toilet paper your yard even though I’ll have your address, and it would be super easy. 
3. I will not send you other things you did not request, such as Hair Club for Men videos.  Not that I’ve ever done that (except for that one summer).
4. For as long as I’m able, or as long as my interest in this project holds out, I’ll keep sending you new Cocktail Cards featuring that season’s signature drink.  If you want out, just email me to let me know.  No sweat.

*Please note: Limited quantities available, much like my attention span.