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Kid Sports Cards

15 Jun

In the evenings, I try to stay off of the computer, but sometimes I just need to get a few things done.  This was the case last night, and in an effort to find a task that would keep the kids busy and happy while in my office we created Kid Sports Cards.   Designed to be just like a baseball or football trading card, these little cards fit inside a plastic sleeve.  And here’s where the busy part comes in – it takes a lot of careful cutting to cut out Kid Sports Cards then patience to stuff them into the plastic sleeves.

How To:
1. Using a graphics program, remove the background from the photo. 
2. Standard card size is 2.5 w x 3.5 h.  Setup a file using these dimensions, then added the cutout image of the person. 
3. Add a background with a gradient or pattern and let the kids choose their own background colors.
4. Lastly, add text with their names and a bit of text they can write themselves (guess which part that is).
5. Create a sheet with six cards on each, and print enough sheets to keep them busy while they cut and stuff the cards into little plastic sleeves.

Alternate How To (for Susan):
1. Send me a photo of your boys and I’ll send you printable sheets.