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Michoacan Taqueria/Raspados

8 Aug

While we were in Tucson, I was hoping to eat at one of the many food trucks that serve the city.  Having read about some that serve up some pretty fine food, I was dying to try some of the specialty treats that are not available in my area.  Then when it was time for lunch, and it was well over 100 degrees, we decided to move our food truck craving to an indoor and air-conditioned location.  Jenine drove us straight to Michoacan Taqueria/Raspados, and after trying a few items, I can totally see why.

What to eat:
The first dish I tried, Churros Locos, looks more like a fully loaded bloody mary than a meal.  Served in a cup, Churros Locos contains chopped vegetables, clamato, chamoy (a sweet, salty, fruity, spicy sauce), and topped with fried Mexican snacks.  Although we snacked on it while we waited for the rest of our food to arrive, this would make a perfect light lunch all on its own.  I’m going to be busy trying to recreate this all summer. 

It was here that I discovered the best hot dog on earth – the Sonora Hot Dog.  A tasty dog, topped with seasoned pinto beans, diced tomatoes and onions, mayo, and mustard, all held in place by the world’s softest bun.  I couldn’t eat it fast enough, and couldn’t stop talking about it afterward.

Martin had Tostilocos, served up in a bag of crushed chips, topped with chopped vegetables and chamoy.  It is similar to the Midwestern “walking taco” or “taco in a bag”, except that it contains no taco meat or cheese, and in Martin’s words “can also burn your face off”.  Not wanting to miss out on anything, he also ordered a side of beans.  They were delicious, but I’d recommend that if you order beans that not you do so with Martin, because he is an 8 year old boy and they love nothing more than to discuss what happens when you eat a lot of beans.

Sophie could barely be bothered to eat because she was holding out for Raspados.  Shaved ice mixed with chopped and blended fruit and juice, Raspados are the more natural and refreshing cousin on the slushy.  They were so tasty, and readily consumed.  She chose this one because it came with a cherry on the top, then proceeded to give it away because she does not care for cherries.

Let’s get one last look at that hot dog.

Where to go:
Michoacan Taqueria/Raspados
3235 N. Flowing Wells Road
Tucson, AZ 85705

More info:
(520) 888-0421