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Cream Puffs

25 Jul

In my family, desserts are not for always for eating, they are also for smashing. 

Exhibit A: c. 1981.  Having purchased individual pies with whipped topping, dad left them on the counter.  My brother, having spotted them, grabbed one and smashed it in my dad’s face.

Exhibit B: Yesterday.  We bought a half dozen cream puffs at the bakery with the intention of smashing them in our armpits (what?).  Martin tried one, then before my eyes turned into Buddy the Elf.


Few suggestions:
1. Buy some cream puffs; they are super fun.
2. Cream puffs smashing is an outdoor activity.
3. You might want to invite my dad.

Recommended Ages:
Just past the age where kids start to get jokes.  Before then, this kind of activity can easily induce crying.