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JUMP: Summer 2011 Playlist

4 Aug

I have very fond memories of summers as a teenager – laying out at the lake, slicked up with baby oil for the optimum tan, lemon juice in my hair to try to encouraged sun-kissed highlights in my brunette permed hair, Poison blasting from the boombox.  Now that I’m an adult, some things have changed – I no longer have the time to dedicate to the pursuit of the perfect tan, baby oil has been replaced with SPF one million, and I finally have the streaky hair I always desired thanks to my hair stylist (who does not use lemon juice).  But the one thing that has not changed is that I still love to hear music blasting through the summer air, even when it no longer pours out of a boombox.

This mix is perfect for the summertime – for both kids and adults.  It is guaranteed to enhance your tan, make you jump the wake just a bit higher, and will totally streak your hair. [Note: it will do none of those things]

Big Awesome Bonus: Martin wrote the poem on the cover of this playlist.  I said, “It’s terrific.”  He answered, “It’s just what I do, mom.”  He was talking about the activities, but I meant the attitude. 

Printable CD Cover (designed for slim jewel cases): JUMP Summer 2011 Printable Playlist