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20 Jul

I spent last Saturday roaming from one restaurant to the next (best idea ever).  I had loads of wonderful food and was able to try out three new restaurants.  Having spent the night before trying to capture images of Donnie Walberg, the battery on my camera was flashing a low signal before we’d even had breakfast.  So by dinner time, my camera was completely dead which meant I was unable to capture the beauty of the fine meal we had at Biella’s in Excelsior.  Luckily for you my food recall is as sharp as a tack.  Please enjoy the illustrated version of Biella’s (actual food may vary in appearance).

What to Eat:
We started out with the Artisan Board which featured a variety of meats, cheeses, and antipasti.  There were some wonderful cheeses on this plate; my particular favorite was one that had vibrant green veins of what I think were tasty herbs.  This is unconfirmed, but definitely delicious.

I am pretty sure I have never passed up Caprese on a menu.  I love the flavors and textures of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic.  In this version, they’ve also added a light lemon flavor which was a great addition to the traditional salad without being distracting.  Which is good, because I don’t like anything to get in-between me and a plate of tomatoes and mozzarella (sort of dangerous).

One of the things I really loved about Biella’s menu is that they have an option for a full or half order for many of their entrees.  I chose a half order of the Lobster Ravioli, which was plenty for a meal.  Filled with a variety of seafood and asparagus, the dish was full of flavor and tasty bits.  There were two good-sized ravioli that were beautifully striped (I’m thinking could be squid ink, but this is also unconfirmed).

All of this was followed by two desserts that we shared.  They disappeared so quickly they hardly register in my mind’s eye.  The dessert menu changes regularly and they feature two different cheesecakes daily.  Be sure to save room for dessert.

Where to Go:
227 Water Street
Excelsior, Minnesota 55331

More Info:
(952) 474-8881

Cold Spring Bakery

16 Jun

Downtown Cold Spring is a busy place on a Saturday morning – people stopping at the hardware store, making a quick stop for groceries, getting a haircut at the barbers.  But the busiest place on the block is the Cold Spring Bakery.  Walk in on a Saturday morning and you’ll need to take a number, but you’ll stay busy browsing past the counters trying to decide what to order while you wait for your number to be called.  This is a game for us really, as we always order the exact same items.  Everyone has a favorite, some of which disappear early in the day.  Apparently, the early bird gets the Custard Filled Long John.

If you live in town, no one needs to tell you what a treat it is to have a great bakery near by.  If you plan a trip through Central Minnesota, it is worth a stop (notes: closed on Sundays, best selection early in the day).  If you are planning a Doughnut Pilgrimage, the Cold Spring Bakery should be on your list.

What to Eat:
The counters are long and the cases stacked high with a wide variety of sweets and treats.  There are lots of new things at the bakery (cake balls, fancy cupcakes, petit fours), but we love the old specialties:
Raised Glazed Doughnut – the perfect combination of fried softness with a glaze so light you might feel like you’re making a healthy choice (hint: still just a feeling)
Raspberry Bismark – topped with a layer of white frosting and has the perfect filling to doughnut ratio
Mocha Cake – a salty and sweet unexpected treat – dense but light white cake coated in frosting and a layer of peanuts (no mocha flavors, as far as I can tell)
Custard Filled Long John – a rectangle-shaped doughnut filled with creamy custard and topped with a layer of chocolate (nothing disappears faster than this doughnut)


Where to Go:
308 Main Street
Cold Spring, MN 56320

More Info:
(320) 685-8681

Fat Nat’s Eggs

9 Jun

This Spring, the kids and I spent a weekend in Minneapolis hanging out with friends and running errands, basically pretending that we lived there.  On this visit, we were lucky enough to have breakfast with The Wilker’s at a spot not far from their house – Fat Nat’s Eggs.  I loved my breakfast at Fat Nat’s so much that it’s really good that we were only pretending that we were locals, because if I actually lived nearby I would eat there every day.  And a breakfast of this magnitude eaten every day would result in needing pants of a whole new magnitude.

What to Eat:
I had Huevos Rancheros Chorizo with a side of homemade red salsa, hold the huevos.  And. It. Was. Awesome.

The corn tortilla came piled high with chorizo, black beans, and was smothered in melted pepper jack cheese.   The chorizo was thick and chunky with enough spice to give a little heat, but not so much that it was painful.  On the side, Fat Nat’s hearty homemade red salsa was packed with great flavor and acted as the chorizo’s cool counterpart.  It is a good-sized serving, and I ate the WHOLE THING. 

Everyone else ate too, but I barely remember what they had because I was so focused on my own delicious meal.  The girls had eggs, the boys had pancakes bigger than their heads.  It must have been good, because everyone ate and left happy.

Where to Go:
3540 Winnetka Ave. N.
New Hope, MN  55427

More Info: