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The Pope, or 1 of 1 Religious Posts

19 Mar

As the world watched the Vatican getting ready for a new Pope, we prepared over here as well.  And by prepared, I mean that I talked about it with Sevda, poured over this book, and made Martin take a picture pretending to be engrossed in everything he was not learning.


I really love the ritual, grandeur, secrecy, and pomp of all things surrounding the Vatican and the papacy.  So imagine my surprise when the new Pope turned out to be such a normal guy.  Riding in a bus, settling up at the hotel, walking 100 feet instead of riding in a car.  Totally.  Normal.  Guy.

I mean, he does his own stuff.


He joins the people.


And he doesn’t shy away from those who are different.



Clearly, my kind of Pope guy.