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What I Like About You

15 Feb

Most days, it isn’t hard to give someone a compliment that fits the situation – you look pretty today, I like the way you did your hair, you did a nice job clearing the dishes, thank you for getting ready so quickly, I appreciate your help.  They are easy to dispense because they are often in reaction to something that just happened.  The harder kind of compliments to give are those that are less specific, the kind that are more about the way that a person IS and how they go about living.  This year, we’re using birthdays as the time to dole out THE BIG COMPLIMENTS; the kind that acknowledge the wonderful and special qualities that we notice and appreciate about each other but seldom actually say.

Here’s how it works:
– We created a special jar to hold our kind words and observations, then labeled it “What I Like About You”
– Each person in our family wrote down a few things that they like about the person of honor
– One compliment per slip of paper, one slip for each year of the birthday being celebrated (once we get to adult birthdays, we may have to rethink this one)
– All of the slips are placed in the jar and sealed up until the designated time (in our case, throughout dinner)

I thought this was a very nice way to share our thoughts and let the birthday person know that the are special, loved, and appreciated.  What a way to feel on your birthday.

Want to do something like this at your house?  I’d recommend making a special container to hold your compliments – it lends an air of OFFICIAL BUSINESS to the idea.  Any container will do, I just happen to have a lot of jars around.  Decorate the container any way you’d like – creativity and hands-on work are an added bonus.  If you’d like to use a label like the one we added to our jar, download the printable below.  This printable includes four different versions of the jar label – each in a different color with various fonts.  Choose the one that you like the best, or design your own.  The size that worked best for my jar was 3″ wide x 3.5″ high.  After you create or print your own label, adhere it to the jar using glue or spray adhesive.

Print it: What I Like About You Jar Label