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Super Bowl Bingo, 2014

2 Feb

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and that means that it’s time for football!  Unless you’re a fair weather fan, or an occasional game watcher, or primarily a proponant of any food that includes Velveeta.  If that is the case, you might be more excited about  the GAME DAY THINGS than the actual GAME.  For those of you that fall into the non-game categories, I bring you another round of Super Bowl Ad Bingo.

super bowl bingo_2014_Page_1

Playing is simple – keep a sharp eye on the ads and have your card handy. When an ad plays, check your card to see if the product or company logo is represented on your grid. If it is, mark it off. You can use a pen, chips, coins, or official bingo dauber. The game is up to you, but I like to play straight-up bingo, no four corners, no postage stamp, no blackout. First person to get bingo is the WINNER (prize is up to you).

Want to play along? Open the attachment below and print as many sheets as you need. There are six different game boards from which to choose (2 boards per page). Good luck!

Print it: super bowl bingo_2014

State of the Union, 2014

28 Jan

As we make our way through a steady stream of school cancellations and the brains of our students slowly turn to mush, I’m looking forward to tonight’s opportunity to sharpen our pencils and get out the clipboards. We’re really excited to watch the State of the Union Address, or as Martin will likely call it, “Another Thing You Make Me Watch”.

To help keep our focus, we’ve created the Unofficial State of the Union Worksheet. Using this sheet, we’re going to track the usage of the terms we think are likely to be included in the speech. We’re going to keep it very simple, leaving tally marks each time we hear a phrase used. Now in our second year of SOTU Worksheets, we’ve done through a major reorg. For the 2014 edition, we’re grouping terms under topics that are likely to be covered. We’re hopeful that this will make it easier to track as the President is speaking on each subject.

And, as a bonus, we’ve created a new section – SOTU BUZZ. This section is left blank and can be filled out in any way you’d like. Here are some ideas we’re considering:
– Track the number of times the camera shows The First Lady
– Add buzz words that are used A LOT
– Track how long it takes for the first person at our house to fall asleep
– Track the number of times that individual citizens are named and shown by the camera

State of the Union Worksheet 2014

As always, I have explained to my children that watching the State of the Union is required by all U.S. Citizens that have access to the address.  So, if you see them tomorrow, please don’t tell them otherwise.  And if you play along, show them your completed worksheet.  It will reinforce the other thing I’ve been telling them, which is that I am a woman of GREAT INFLUENCE.

Print it: State of the Union Worksheet 2014

Prefer last year’s edition?  Go ahead and use it!  Fortunately for me, the terms on last year’s list are likely contenders for this one as well.