Kid Projects & Games

There are a lot of challenges in raising a family.  Add a little creativity to the mix with some project ideas.  I’m not Martha and I’m not Not Martha, but these ideas will add a little spark to every day life.  And, on occasion, kids may admit to enjoying them (totally NOT GUARANTEED).

Kid Sports Cards: I wanted to call them Kid Trading Cards, but it sounded like I was willing to exchange my children for valuable items.  Today that’s not the case.  Today, these are baseball/football style cards featuring childen doing things they love.  And if they wanted to, they could trade the cards.  For other cards.

Shelf Markers: We’ve created a new summer reading program to encourage us to read through the great collection of books already in our home.  It involves fake arms, lots of reading, and some cash.

Lunch Log: Has your bag lunch become boring?  Do you think everyone else has a better lunch?  Wonder why your parent is all “food groups this” and “variety is the spice of life that”?  Track your lunch!  It will help you learn about what you’re eating, the foods you like, and give you ideas for other things to try.

Lunch Log, 2nd Edition: New tracking forms to help make the connections between what you eat and how you feel.  Not proven to cure stomachaches, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Crayon Hearts: Gather up broken crayons and make something new.  Easy kid project and the result is perfect for Valentines or goody bags.

From the Archives: Peeps: I have not taken enough videos this year, but this one from the archives is a good reminder as to why I should.

Tiny, Wearable Art: Share original kid art by shrinking it down to size and wearing it as a pendant. Pretty much like a gallery on your neck, but less bulky.


There are certain times of the day when a little distraction is needed to help us pass the time and keep everyone wrangled together – while I’m making dinner, while we’re driving, while we’re waiting for a meal to arrive.  Basically anytime that there are more than 30 seconds of waiting.

Spell It or Tell It : Fascinating spelling and word defintion game using a dictionary for one or more players.

Debate: Channel arguments into topics to debate, best with three or more players.

Cream Puffs: Lacking in structure, this is more of a parent approved food fight than anything else.  And its super, super fun.

Super Bowl Bingo: Match up Super Bowl ads with the matching company logo!
Super Bowl Bingo 2013: Game on (and I’m talking bingo)

What I Like About You: A new birthday tradition at our house, where we share the things that we think make the birthday person awesome.


JUMP: Summer 2011 Playlist.  It is guaranteed to enhance your tan, make you jump the wake just a bit higher, and will totally streak your hair. [Note: it will do none of those things]


Saving the World: Learn more about the AndraHeart projects, and promote giving to your local and global community

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