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The Pope, or 1 of 1 Religious Posts

19 Mar

As the world watched the Vatican getting ready for a new Pope, we prepared over here as well.  And by prepared, I mean that I talked about it with Sevda, poured over this book, and made Martin take a picture pretending to be engrossed in everything he was not learning.


I really love the ritual, grandeur, secrecy, and pomp of all things surrounding the Vatican and the papacy.  So imagine my surprise when the new Pope turned out to be such a normal guy.  Riding in a bus, settling up at the hotel, walking 100 feet instead of riding in a car.  Totally.  Normal.  Guy.

I mean, he does his own stuff.


He joins the people.


And he doesn’t shy away from those who are different.



Clearly, my kind of Pope guy.



Fat Nat’s Eggs

9 Jun

This Spring, the kids and I spent a weekend in Minneapolis hanging out with friends and running errands, basically pretending that we lived there.  On this visit, we were lucky enough to have breakfast with The Wilker’s at a spot not far from their house – Fat Nat’s Eggs.  I loved my breakfast at Fat Nat’s so much that it’s really good that we were only pretending that we were locals, because if I actually lived nearby I would eat there every day.  And a breakfast of this magnitude eaten every day would result in needing pants of a whole new magnitude.

What to Eat:
I had Huevos Rancheros Chorizo with a side of homemade red salsa, hold the huevos.  And. It. Was. Awesome.

The corn tortilla came piled high with chorizo, black beans, and was smothered in melted pepper jack cheese.   The chorizo was thick and chunky with enough spice to give a little heat, but not so much that it was painful.  On the side, Fat Nat’s hearty homemade red salsa was packed with great flavor and acted as the chorizo’s cool counterpart.  It is a good-sized serving, and I ate the WHOLE THING. 

Everyone else ate too, but I barely remember what they had because I was so focused on my own delicious meal.  The girls had eggs, the boys had pancakes bigger than their heads.  It must have been good, because everyone ate and left happy.

Where to Go:
3540 Winnetka Ave. N.
New Hope, MN  55427

More Info: