Papa Murphy’s: The Mini Murph

26 Apr

Mini Murph. So cute to say, even cuter in the box.  Last night we picked up a few of the take-and-bake pizza kits from Papa Murphy’s.  Designed for kids, each kit is filled with everything they need to build their very own pizza including crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni (optional), and a temporary tattoo.  Because nothing says “I’m a chef” like a tattoo.  The crust and sauce at Papa Murphy’s are non-dairy, so the kit is perfect for our house because it means that just by adding a little non-dairy cheese of our own, Sophie can have THE SAME as everybody else.  And when you’re seven, sometimes THE SAME is a big deal.

The kids took charge of the assembly, carefully reading the instructions.

Armed with rice mozzarella shreds, Sophie topped her pizza, stealing a few slices of pepperoni from Martin’s kit.  Martin consented, only because Sophie gave him the cheese from her kit and agreed that he could have FIVE slices of pepperoni to her FOUR.  If I had let her, I think she would have used a protractor and a scalpel to EXACTLY AND EVENLY divide that extra slice of pepperoni.  If left to their own devices, kids would use pepperoni as currency.

While the pizzas baked, the kids made some art.  I think its super important that kids learn to express themselves visually, so we do this every night before dinner.  KIDDING.  I tricked them into thinking that it was a required part of the Mini Murph’s that you do some drawing and writing while the pizza bakes.  I figure this will be good for maybe one or two more times before the jig is up.

Martin’s Mini Murph practically DARES you to eat him.

Sophie has a very big interest in title pages, therefore her title content makes up half of her story.  I know, a kid who likes title pages.  I wish that she’d been around when the card catalog was still a big piece of furniture filled with long drawers and tons of cards.  She’d have loved that old-fashioned thing.

Back to the pizza.  By the time they were done writing and drawing, the pizzas were ready.  They loved them.  I don’t know this for sure, but I think there may be a dash of MIRACLES in the ingredient list because the kids ate the whole thing – including the crust.  Which has never happened before.  EVER.

We loved the Mini Murph’s, and we’ll definitely have them again.  Thanks to Papa Murphy’s for the gift cards and for suggesting we give them a try!  We’re hooked.

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