CalamityJennie: The Canvas Edition

28 Feb

When we moved into our house, my decorating plan was this:
1. Praise my luck for moving into a place that was painted in colors I liked and matched the things we already owned.
2. Hang stuff where nails were already in place.
3. Done.

So far, this approach has worked pretty well for me.  I’ve begun to fill some of the spaces that feel empty with new art and treasures, but it is a very slow process.  This Christmas, I received a special piece of art and without any unused nails on which to hang it, I was forced to branch out into new areas.  This piece of art is pretty good in size, while my house is not.  Instead of making the single piece a focal point in a room, I’ve decided to make an entire wall the focus by filling it with art.  Totally, completely, filling it.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy collecting and framing artwork that the kids and I have made to place on the wall.  I suppose that this art on this wall will change over time based on the work that everyone is doing, but right now, it is lacking in variety.  To mark our inaugural year, we’re each creating a painting to show something important that happened this year.  For my part, I’ve decided to take some elements from this site and incorporate it into a painting.  While writing and creating has always been a big part of my life, there was a period of time when I didn’t do much of either.  Retiring my old site and starting this one felt like a new beginning, a fresh space in which to cook, create, and share.  So it seemed only right to commemorate it with a little paint, paper, marker, and mod podge.

Martin likes it because he says it looks cool.  Sophie likes it because she is in the front.

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