Cold Spring Bakery

16 Jun

Downtown Cold Spring is a busy place on a Saturday morning – people stopping at the hardware store, making a quick stop for groceries, getting a haircut at the barbers.  But the busiest place on the block is the Cold Spring Bakery.  Walk in on a Saturday morning and you’ll need to take a number, but you’ll stay busy browsing past the counters trying to decide what to order while you wait for your number to be called.  This is a game for us really, as we always order the exact same items.  Everyone has a favorite, some of which disappear early in the day.  Apparently, the early bird gets the Custard Filled Long John.

If you live in town, no one needs to tell you what a treat it is to have a great bakery near by.  If you plan a trip through Central Minnesota, it is worth a stop (notes: closed on Sundays, best selection early in the day).  If you are planning a Doughnut Pilgrimage, the Cold Spring Bakery should be on your list.

What to Eat:
The counters are long and the cases stacked high with a wide variety of sweets and treats.  There are lots of new things at the bakery (cake balls, fancy cupcakes, petit fours), but we love the old specialties:
Raised Glazed Doughnut – the perfect combination of fried softness with a glaze so light you might feel like you’re making a healthy choice (hint: still just a feeling)
Raspberry Bismark – topped with a layer of white frosting and has the perfect filling to doughnut ratio
Mocha Cake – a salty and sweet unexpected treat – dense but light white cake coated in frosting and a layer of peanuts (no mocha flavors, as far as I can tell)
Custard Filled Long John – a rectangle-shaped doughnut filled with creamy custard and topped with a layer of chocolate (nothing disappears faster than this doughnut)


Where to Go:
308 Main Street
Cold Spring, MN 56320

More Info:
(320) 685-8681

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